The Mysterious Q Weekly, Biweekly (or Whenever I Find Something Worthy To Write About) Newsletter for 6/6/2012

Did America’s Got Talent Get Totally Scammed By An Injured Vet Wannabee?

In a day when non-Native American politicians who want votes and people seeking casino licenses they don’t deserve claiming Native American heritage is as popular as non-military veterans claiming to be veterans, or military veterans claiming a service record or injuries that never actually occurred, another case of misleading military madness has hit and hit big. This time the top-rated America’s Got Talent TV show and its judges may have been the victims.

During one of this week’s AGT programs a self-proclaimed injured veteran named Timothy Michael Poe stepped out on the stage with a stutter and a story that has come into question. Claiming that he served fourteen years in the military, Poe told the judges that his stutter was the result of a broken back and brain injury received while serving in Afghanistan. He claimed that those injuries occurred during an attack on his unit after “I had volunteered for a team to go out and clear buildings and help out with the wounded.”

Timothy claimed that a rocket propelled grenade came flying in his direction and that it exploded before he could take proper cover or jump on his fellow soldiers to protect them from the blast. Poe says that all he had time to do was to yell “Grenade" before he collapsed from his injuries. After the story brought tears to everyone’s eyes, the singer played his guitar and sung without stuttering. The performer claims that a physical rehabilitation expert of some type told him to try singing in the shower to deal with his stutter and that’s how he came to develop his newly discovered talent.

The story was sad, the singer sang well, but after his performance Poe didn’t stutter while speaking to AGT host Nick Cannon. That may or may not have sent up a red flag to someone in the audience, that I cannot say. All I know is that within a day of Poe’s AGT performance another version of the story about Poe’s service record was presented to the news media by Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Olson. He is a spokesperson for the Minnesota National Guard and begs to differ with the facts presented on AGT by Poe. Olson told the Associated Press news organization, “Sergeant Poe’s official military records do not indicate that he was injured by a grenade in combat while serving in Afghanistan in 2009, as he reports.”

Olson also says that Poe never received a purple heart (Poe never claimed he did on AGT) and claims that the singer only spent one month serving in Afghanistan in 2009. There are other problems with Poe’s account of his military record. Olson told the AP that the singer served with the Minnesota National Guard from December of 2002 until May of 2011. That time period falls quite a bit short of the fourteen years of service that Poe claims, unless he also served in the regular army or some other branch of military service at some point that we haven’t been told about.

It’s ironic that Sergeant Poe would appear before the likes of Howard Stern with a phoney story when Stern is so well known for saying much the same kind of things during his radio career. Stern sometimes claimed military service in an admittedly tongue-and-cheek manner and would occasionally tell his listeners that he used products he was promoting only to later admit he lied to get a few laughs and lots of attention. It would be ironic if the Jokster now has become an unwitting part of the joke. I guess that the NBC big wigs didn’t get the memo about checking out AGT participants before they take the stage with sad stories.

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Wonder Outdoors This Summer: The Zombies have Arrived!

WARNING: This article may be disturbing to some readers. It contains true stories and graphic descriptions of real cannibalism.

Every few years someone plays a practical joke on drivers by hacking into those flashing electronic highway warning signs with messages like: "WARNING: Zombies ahead." Now it seems those pranksters may be right! Recent crimes have given me pause to wonder if the Zombies have arrived and are beginning to take things over. Recent crimes may prove we have been invaded by those flesh-eating stiffs or their ghoulish human counterparts.

A Canadian porn actor named Luka Rocco Magnotta is wanted for recently killing Jun Lin, a Chinese student who was attending Concordia University in Montreal. He not only killed Lin, but videotaped himself repeatedly stabbing the Chinese national and dismembering him. Reports from Montreal say that Magnotta mailed some of Lin's body parts to Canadian Politicians and may have eaten others.

Just last month another man named Rudy Eugene stripped naked on one side of the Miami Herald newspaper building and attacked Ronald Poppo. Video cameras captured the horrific crime and onlookers were horrified to see that Eugene was actually eating Poppo's face. He ate the man's nose, ears and eyes. When Police arrived on the scene Eugene growled at them like a dog and continued his mission of cannibalistic carnage until they were forced to shoot him.

Less than two weeks after that incident a man named Alexander Kinyua of Joppatowne, Maryland, was turned into Police by his brother who believed that Alexander had killed and partially eaten his housemate. Kinyua's brother discovered what he believed to be human remains that looked as though they had been chewed-on in the basement of his father's home. When he asked Alexander about them, he said they were just animal remains. However, when Kinyua's housemate turned up missing, Police investigated and charged Alexander with murder. It was later discovered that the suspect had eaten his housemate's heart and part of his brain.

Over the Memorial Day (2012) weekend a New Jersey man named Wayne Carter started acting strange, threatening to harm himself with a knife. By the time Police arrived he had already began to cut himself open. After cutting out his entrails, he threw them at Police along with other pieces of flesh that he cut cut from other parts of his body. Pepper spray had no effect on Carter, so a S.W.A.T. team was called in to subdue him. He somehow survived all the self-inflicted carnage and was taken to a hospital.

As if all this wasn't enough, a woman named Otty Sanchez called "a sweet person" by her boyfriend was recently arrested for killing and eating her baby. Police were horrified when they responded to a call about a a disturbance at the Sanchez home only to find her baby Scott be-headed and partially eaten by his mother. Otty Sanchez was discovered sitting on her couch making bizarre sounds and speaking incoherently. She had a number of self-inflicted wounds and later told authorities that she had been hearing voices that ordered her to kill and eat her offspring. Two other children in the home were unharmed.

Are these crimes copycat incidents by people that have watched too many Zombie films or left the TV on while they were sleeping only to have episodes of 'The Walking Dead' leave somnambulistic suggestions buried deep inside their unconscious mind? I don't have the answer to that, but this is not the first time that a disturbing trend of gruesome murders might be able to be traced back to what people have read about, heard on records, watched on TV or seen in movies.

During the late 1960s the infamous Manson Family murders in California were said to have been inspired by messages that cult leader Charles Manson derived from listening to record albums by The Beatles. At the time of the murders in 1969, the fab four boy band from Liverpool, England, were no longer recording feel good tunes like 'All My Loving' or 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand'. Instead they were offering up more somber titles that included 'Helter Skelter' and 'Piggies' which Manson said were messages that ordered him to try and ignite some sort of an apocalyptic war between the races and social classes.

Films like 'Satan's School For Girls' and 'The Omen' may have helped to inspire yet another group of horrific cult killers. Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, Jr. and Jason Baldwin became known as the West Memphis Three. On May 5, 1993, Stevie Branch, Michael Moore, and Christopher Byers who were second graders at Weaver Elementary School were reported missing and later found murdered. At least one victim had been sexually mutilated and all were thought to have been raped.

The 'West Memphis Three' were later linked to the crimes, tried and convicted in the deaths of those boys. They were also considered to be part of an informal cult of would-be Satan worshipers. Damien Echols was described as the leader and the driving force behind their beliefs. Some of the children's parents later said that they believed the three men killed the children as part of a ritualistic ceremony. Sadly, disputed DNA evidence eventually allowed the 'West Memphis Three' to be freed from prison having served a little over eighteen years. In order to obtain their freedom they had to admit there was enough evidence to convict them on the murder charges.

Not to be out done by zombies or personality cult serial killers, vampire wannabees have certainly left their mark on more than a few police blotters around the world and may have been egged on by their ficticious un-dead counterparts. The vicious vampire flicks that hit theaters from the 1970s to the 1990s had to have left a deep impression on at least a few disturbed people. Those films have since found vibrant second lives on cable TV. Unlike the present crop of sexy vampires who only drink pig's blood, kill the baddies, or kill to eat rather than live their un-dead lives to kill, those guys were downright mean and may have inspired a number of crimes including a very high profile case from the 1990s.

In 1996 a group of teens from Murray, Kentucky, that called themselves a 'vampire clan' committed a series of crimes beginning with the horrific Thanksgiving Week murders of Naoma Ruth and Richard Wendorf. The leader of that 'clan' was a guy named Rod Ferrell who ordered that a 'V' be burned into the bodies of his victims. He was eventually arrested and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole (probably a good thing).

There are many other famous 'vampire' inspired killers like Tsutomu Miyazaki of Japan who killed four little girls between 1989-1990 and drank their blood. Philip Onyancha of Kenya killed and drank the blood of at least seventeen known victims. Richard Chase of California murdered six people in the late 1970s because of an alleged lust and craving for human blood. Joshua Rudiger ran around San Francisco in 1998 claiming to be a two thousand year old vampire. He slashed the throats of several people, drank their blood and killed a woman before police caught up to him and the list could go on.

I am still not sure if the Zombies are invading and taking over, but I think that people who see their friends or relatives acting strangely or becoming obsessed with bizarre cultic or fictional character lifestyles should take every action possible to prevent them from hurting themselves or others. It takes a village to keep the zombie, vampire and cult threats among us at bay.

Let's Remember The World War II Veterans That Freed Europe From Facism

It's June 6, 2012, and we need to remember that almost seventy years ago brave men and women took part in the prepapartions for and ultimate invasion of Nazi occupied Europe. People like U.S. Military veteran Bea Cohen who is 102 years old and still volunteers her time to help other elderly veterans.

Bea remembers the day the Normandy invasion force headed out. She was on a train in England headed to a new post when the skies above filled with military aircraft. No one knew the exact day of the invasion, so although this activity was ultimately expected, it was still a bit of a surprise.

Just eleven months after 'D-Day' (the invasion of U.S. and Allied Forces on the beaches of Normandy) Nazi rule came to an end. The invasion was costly leaving over 5,000 U.S. and Allied Soldiers dead and scores injured. The carnage really adds up when you add to those figures the 80,000 German soldiers buried at Normandy. That's what it took to bring the reign of an evil dictator to its violent conclusion.

When I hear talk about how Europeans and others negatively view America and its people I want to remind them that most of the world's nations would have likely bowed the knee to a mass murdering madman during the 1940s if it had not been for the U.S.A. Speaking as a veteran of a different era myself, I can tell you that none of us want any special thanks or awards. We would just appreciate it if you didn't spit on our flag, burn it or think poorly of us believing we only care about ourselves as a nation.

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