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Relics from the Stone Age lead to the conclusion that Ireland is 8,000 years old, the first settlers probably traveling from Scandinavia to Scotland (at that time England was still linked by land to northern Europe) then across what was a narrow sea gap to Ireland.

These early settlers beame the Tribes of Firbolg and Tuatha De Dannann when they were invaded by the Milesius of Spain around 1,000 B.C.. Today's Irish Race is a combination of the three-above mentioned tribes known as the one Celtic Race. After the Bronze Age and during the Iron Age around 400 A.D., brought about new technologies .

The large Roman Empire stopped short of Ireland although dominating most of Europe. The Vikings began invasions of Ireland in the 9th Century. In 1171 King Henry of England asserted sovereignty with the building of abbey-churches and castles. Later, Henry VIII added the title of "King Of Ireland" although the Reformation falling short of it's intentions of pure English control.

By the mid-16 century, the first plantation policy took effect which led to redistribution of wealth and suppression of Catholicism. Farms lands were confiscated from Catholics and given to Protestant settlers.

By the mid-17th century Charles Cromwell and his puritan forces supervised revengful destruction of key parts of Ireland, leaving the Irish resistance in shambles.

In 1690 Protestant William of Organge beat his father-in-law, James II, over succession of the British throne. In 1800 the Irish parliament was abolished forming the Act of Union which was the United Kingdom of Great Britian and Ireland.

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